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Friday August 13:
I found the first user review and Joe has lots of samples.
Also here is one on Flickr.

It is now the end of April, nothing tho see or hear from the WB2000, I had enough with waiting, got me a Sony HX5, this blog ends now. You blew it Samsung!
(mid July 2010 and there is still nothing to see from this camera. I bet Sony was pissed that Samsung wanted to offer 1080p while Sony is all cameras with the same sensor still restricting to 1080i and they might fighting over the release date.)
Dear Samsung, it is now exactly 2 month (Anaheim, CA February 20, 2010, SAMSUNG ANNOUNCES THE HIGH-SPEED TL350 WITH FULL HD VIDEO ) since you told the world about the WD2000. Since then nothing. The only info is a badly made page on the German Samsung site what tells about a 12 Mp sensor and other half truth and marketing gibberish. No details nothing. If this is Mr. SJ Park, CEO of Samsung Digital Imaging Company, "Samsung’s strategy to lead the digital imaging industry through product innovation" then you might need a new CEO because this is unaceptable.
Samsung, I will give you until end of April, if by then there is not more qualified information available, this blog will end and I will get a Sony HX5v.

I just read a review about the Samsung WB5000 and the verdict is the same as with most the Samsung p&s cameras:
In typical Samsung style, the WB5000 is packed with intelligent user-friendly features and impressive specifications. Unfortunately, the image quality and general performance of this new model are disappointing. Samsung is trying to appeal to both complete beginners and more seasoned photographers by putting together a mix of clever technology and manual control, but in this case the final product does not measure up to the competition.
So even if I wish the WB2000 would have none of the usual Samsung faults, my hope is dwindling and the absence of any information is not too encouraging either.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

interpolating the SAMSUNG WB2000 / TL350

10-3-20 20:19 work in progress
how do we do that? Simple we take the predecessor the WB1000 /TL320 and look what seems the same.
There is the same slim body (slightly modernized), the same lens, the same dual image stabilisation with advanced digital stabilisation, the same shooting modes, similar advanced manual and picture controls, dual analog gauges, proprietary usb/video cable...

So what is new?
  • nicer body design with connectors behind a hinged door
  • the usual zoom ring instead of the buttons on the back
  • an updated processor who has to handle the new cmos
  • the cmos sensor
  • 1080p and slow motion movies
  • a full size HDMI port
  • a little higher res AMOLED screen
  • higher shooting speed from 1. something to 10 pictures per second

WB1000 / TL320 Info, Test and Review

Digital Versus
Trusted Reviews
SAMSUNG review and blog websites
Segadget 22 entries some interesting videos
5 SAMSUNG reviews with lots of pictures (might be a "copy" from Segadget)
movie mode
with stabilisation
without stabilisation
on the airplane

on youtube 1 and 2

Take a peek in the manual of the WB1000 to understand what the TL350 / WB2000 will be capable of. If you prefer it in Spanish.
You can also look at the WB650 manual since it is a 2010 camera what comes also pretty close at most functions. Want to see the AMOLED in action?

No external charger needed, charge in the car, at the computer, at every power plug via USB cable

I tried to find videos which show the effectivity (or not) of the image stabilisation, if the lens has trouble with barrel distortion in wide angle etc.

screen shot from this video, I added the red lines so it is easier to compare how straight the silver poles are. Looks good to me.

here is a moving shopping cart

The barrel distortion seems to be much less than with the HX5, also the little wobbles from the cart seem ok.

Here are 2 videos shot from a small aircraft.


  1. Hi there

    I am using WB1000 right now in Canada.Got it from the US though. May I know when WB2000 (TL350) will be available in USA or Canada ?

    Please advise.

  2. Here's the latest advertising update from Samsung on this WB2000/tl350. Yeah...it's taken them long enough...i agree....but it's looking like it will be worth the wait (for me anyway). Already available for pre-order on a number of sites like crutchfield.


  3. Not available til August now - http://www.digitalversus.com/samsung-wb2000-expert-compact-digital-camera-on-sale-in-august-news-14269.html

  4. The WB2000 is already for sale in Australia. It was launched at the PMA in Melbourne this month. No reviews yet though.